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A tardo is the evolution of a retard. when a retard gains the ability to function among normal people but is still considered retarded because of his or her awkwardness. Tardos are prone to crapping their pants in public and will most likely try to attack you if you make too much eye contact. The best way to deal with tardos is to keep away.
Steve: Holy Crap!!! did you see that new kid. I was checkin her out and then she just friggin jumped out of her chair and tried to attack me. What a tardo.

Jorge: You know what steve? I think she just crapped her pants.
by k rico October 19, 2005
Similar to retard. A conglomeration of a retard and an idiot.
Man this kid from 2nd block is such a tardo...He wears a Jacket, sweat pants, and gloves to school right in the middle of the summer.
by BillyGoat November 14, 2002
-a dumbassed person who acts like a sped
That crabapple just ran into a wall. what a fucking tard-o!
by Heather The Great April 02, 2005
n: a back woods, slack jawed, hill billy, mouth breather... who makes frequent brake checks at his wifes request.
"Man... that hill billy tardo just SLAMMED on his brakes... for no apearant reason.
by priceless mustache April 30, 2008
A Super Goofy Acting Person
The Young Lady Was Laughing At Everything Thus Being A Tardo
by Cee_Cee November 28, 2009
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