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1.A retarded fish.
2.Often used to describe a person acting in a stupid manner.
1. "A tardfish says 'Moo!'"
2. "Joe is dancing for the pigeons again. What a tardfish!"
by Dextra October 13, 2003
1. A mentally-impaired fish.
2. Referring to a person who is acting in a mentally-impaired manner.
1. That tardfish never stops swimming sideways.

2. Chris can be such a tardfish, we always refer to his Chris-isms and get a laugh.
by JaxML July 18, 2008
it means that you are just incredibly stupid, it is also a short for retarded goldfish.
Ian your such a Tardfish.
by Ian the Reatarded Goldfish June 18, 2008
a rather retarded man who sucks at life
joe is such a "tardfish ".
by r!ngma$ter March 12, 2009
a fish with a nose like an elephant can come out of the water but will shrivle up. So fun to play with and usually owned by Kayla Matteo! Also a tard fish can be a great friend to ANYONE! and it IS real in the waters of Japan! also is related to the retarded fish
I found a tard fish when i went to the beach in Japan.
by Webster Dictionary of America March 01, 2007
A fish with a large,round nose. and can only be found in japenease waters. When the fish is out of water it's nose shrinks down to mini size.
WOW! Look at that tardfish swimming in the water!
by Yow-man March 02, 2007

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