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an adjective used to describe a movie/a dialogue/a scene/anything which is reminiscent of the works of Quentin Tarantino.
I just saw a very tarantinoesque movie
by kegdude May 26, 2004
a word commonly referring to a movie or situation that recalls one of the scenes of his (Quentin Tarantino) feature films.
"Wow, did you see that guy get run over by the car and shot at? Listen, you can hear him saying many derogatory comments!!"

"Yeah, that was Tarantino-esque"
by Quentin Tarantino kid of the year November 10, 2005
kegdude is correct on the definition but it is a shitty word because Q.T. hasn't done anything good since 1994's Reservior Dogs. Since then his movies suck, including Pulp and especially Kill Bill(s). Q.T. was had so many ass lickers around him for so long that no one dared tell him to pare back the dialog and no one has yet. KBV1 has less dialog, but it is a fucked up movie.
That bar last night had a Tarantinoesque vibe.
by KK August 06, 2004
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