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A Shoe-selling, beer-ingesting, hormone raging hero to people of all races and ages. A fictional super-man from Chicago, Illinois who from 1987-1997 spoke for the every-man who lived in a repetitive nightmare of a dysfunctional matrimony and a life devoid of interesting activity
The All-american Dad
by KK December 29, 2004
The only place in the world where a hairy Jewish kid will get laid by a supermodel.
"(Giggle) Look, Bobby Goldman's yarmulke is the same color as his Bentley- how stylish!"
by KK October 22, 2004
one man who, along w/ the morose Cameron and the beautiful Sloane obliterated the motives of his principal and bitchy older sister all in the name of having a good time.
A true example of the ultimate teenage hero, still revered 19 years later
by KK January 08, 2005
Frontman of Green Day.

Talented Musician.

Hot and a Sex God!
Hottest singer ever and best guitarist ever!
by KK January 12, 2005
A prime reason why sarcasm should be elevated into an exqusite art form!
A true comedy legend
by KK December 30, 2004
I don't understand
u know, idu thaat dysfunctional family
by kk October 15, 2003
a teenage girl mostly 13-16 (i dunno) who listens to pop(Hilary Duff,Jessica Simpson etc.)goes to the mall for clothes, watches The WB or FOX for shows like "One Tree Hill", "What I Like About You" and "The O.C." for the "hotties" and sometimes reads Seventeen or something.
Inserts the basic words of a valley girl including 'like' and 'OMG!'.
Some of the girls at my school
by KK May 09, 2004
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