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an adjective used to describe a movie/a dialogue/a scene/anything which is reminiscent of the works of Quentin Tarantino.
I just saw a very tarantinoesque movie
by kegdude May 26, 2004
Uma Thurman's character in Kill Bill
The Bride: "Looked dead, didn't I?"
by kegdude May 26, 2004
(1) a guy who can not lose.
(2) television show about 3 teens and their highschool
(3) The now popular tv show "scrubs" is modelled after that older show, "parker lewis cant lose"
"Not a problem"
by kegdude May 26, 2004
a carpenter who owns a little goblin (who goes by the name "pumuckl"). They live together in Meister Eder's workshop.
"Meister Eder makes good furniture"
by kegdude May 26, 2004
a little mischievous but good-hearted goblin with red hair, who is visible only to an old carpenter named Meister Eder.
"Hooray, hooray, the pumuckl is here"
by kegdude May 26, 2004
french word for "boss" or "chief".
Not to be mistaken with the american
word "chef", which seems to mean
Mr Dunham is my chef, i work for him.
by kegdude May 26, 2004
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