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to tell a story or joke by revealing the ending or punchline first
Mark: To get to the other side.
Steve: What?
Mark: That's why the chicken crossed the road.
Steve: You totally just tarantinoed that joke.
by BooRad August 09, 2005
Verb form of The Tarantino.

Alternate name the US Senate filibuster because it kills bills. On her self-named show on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow felt that the word filibuster puts people to sleep, and the issue of filibuster abuse was too important to have a sleepy electorate.
When they Tarantino a bill, you could also call it constitutional blockage because the filibuster is like an impacted colon in the body politic. The Senate needs a good cleanse of the obstructionist! Then, maybe things will get moving!
#filibuster abuse #kill bill #anti-progressive tactic #constitutional blockage #rachel maddow contest winner #antonym: whipping votes
by thistlebottom March 19, 2010
To propose a deal so juicy and enticing that the other party would be a fool to reject it.
Have you ever seen the movie Four Rooms?
Man, that last scene is one hell of a Tarantino!

Frankie: I just got a $500 coat for $20.
Sally: That deal is freakin' Tarantino!
#tarantino #proposal #deal #bargan #four rooms
by CheekyBottom July 26, 2009
To copy somebody.To do something that you mate did first.

From the filmmaker Quentin Tarantino whose scenes in Kill Bill just one was of his own and he has swiped all the others 1000 scenes from other directors.
Oh dude, you're such a copycat, you tarantinoed me, I invented it.
#to copy #to pirate #to plagiarize #to swipe #to crib #to steal #to bag #to hook #to pinch.
by Marco92 August 16, 2009

"To Tarantino" is to rip off wholesale, because you have no ideas yourself, and pretend it's a homage.
"Toshiya Fujita got Tarantinoed."
#kill bill #homage #rip off #lady snowblood #fake
by Phantom Definition Writer November 09, 2005
Noun. One who tarantinoes. also an idiot or stupid person. An insensitive, selfish, ignorant, cocky person who is inconsiderate and does stupid things.

Someone who acts like a jerk, or a chode.
That guy took your hamburger? What a tarantino!
#stein #terantino #tarentino #terentino #jerk #assclown #chode #phony
by yoquindas June 20, 2007
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