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a noun meaning a very sexy woman who you would like to have sex with

a past tense verb meaning the act of having sex with a womam
Wendell: Tappage?
Tim: She is definitely tappage.


Wendell: Tappage?
Tim: Yes I tapped that ass.
by Stun Zeed February 13, 2004
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A girl who has a very nice body, with nice booty and boobs, that you would like to bang all day
Manuel: "Hey Ralph look what just came out of that car."
Ralph: "Dang dude! She's is really tappage, look at those breast!"
Manuel: "I know i'd like to get me some of that tappage"
Ralph: "I mean yeah, look at that booty!"
by IamMang April 05, 2011
Pimping (paticulary off ladies)
To get sum slight to major action with a irl
You gettin' ne tappage son?
You she put her arm around u and u were gettin all that tappage.
by Mark June 20, 2004

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