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The most outstanding, amazing, charming and beautiful person that walked on earth.
Without my Tanvi, I am a nobody.
by Prasanth October 18, 2003
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fantastic, intelligent, beautiful, original person
wow i am going to aspire to be such a Tanvi
by Tanvi October 04, 2003
Tall,slender and delicate woman who is very fast like lightening
Tadit leka tanvim
by krishnapriya November 13, 2003
a very beatiful/all-round superb person
what a tanvi!
by paulie May 19, 2003
a tiny,delicate and beautiful person
I want to be a Tanvi
by Anonymous October 16, 2003
The physical manifestation of evil.
The Joker from Batman is a real tanvi; he causes unhappiness and fear wherever he goes.
by mini-onion May 07, 2011
The coolest and most beautiful person out! She is heaps cool and is very nice and friendly! Be friends with Tanvi and you'll be the luckiest person in the world, with such a rare opportunity!
"OMG! Hey look! That's Tanvi!"
"Yeah, I wish I was just like Tanvi!
by August 18, 2011

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