In professional team sports, it means to "lose purposely" in hopes of getting a good draft pick for the upcoming season. Of course no one on that team will admit they are doing it purposely.
The Carolina Panthers are tanking the 2010 NFL season because they want Andrew Luck from Stanford quite badly!
by sportsguy2010 December 12, 2010
1. Noun: One who is exceptionally good at something.
2. Verb: Doing something exceptionally well.
3. Adjective: Possessing the trait of being extremely good at something.
4. Noun: One who is generally awesome.
1. Michael Phelps just got his 14th Gold Medal. What a tank!
2. Michael Phelps is tanking it up in the pool!
3. Usain Bolt is tanktastic!
4. Ryan Lochte is a straight up tank.
by American Playa February 07, 2010
An armoured vehicle, first invented by the British and possible also the French in WW1. To be a tank it must have tracks and a 360 degree rotatable fully enclosed turret.
The greatest tanks of the modern age are:
Challenger 2,
Leopard 2,
by VampiricRat July 10, 2008
A Gatorade bottle made into a water bong with a pen.
Hurry up and make a tank, I have been craving this weed all day long.
by Kleep May 14, 2008
The act of removing a toilet tank lid, standing on the seat, and taking a dump in the tank of a toilet. Best done in public restrooms, always a crowd pleaser at the office too.

Also known as the Upper Tanker, 2000 Flushes Brown, Upper Decker, Going Up Top, and The Gift That Keeps On Giving. For a nice twist on this see Upper Deck Deluxe.

"Man, they fucking fired me so I tanked that fucking toilet on my way out!"
by sirbrutus July 12, 2006
to have intercourse with,
to get/be drunk
man I got tanked at steves house, then this chick came round and i tanked her all night long
by missilepenguin June 20, 2004
Someone, usually a warrior, who takes hits in a role-playing game so the more powerful mages can wordpwn the monster
I need a tank so I can take on the level 150 black dragon.
by pur1337 October 08, 2003

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