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n. 1. the process or act of going on a tangent. 2. going way the fuck off of the original topic of conversation. 3. does this motherfucker know what we are talking about?
Person A: "Did you ever wonder how babies are made? It seems so simple, yet so complex."

Person B: "Dude, I know what you mean. My beer bottle just broke and I don't know why. I didn't think being a drunk could be so complex."

Person A: "What the fuck are you talking about?"

Person B: "Why are beer bottles so complex, and why do they lead to the birth of unwanted children?"

Person A: "Why must you go off on such a tangentation?"

Person B: "That reminds me, I accidently threw my red shirt in with the whites."
#tangent #irrelevant #off-topic #nonsense #warped
by Brian Bolek February 16, 2008
a tangentation is an explanation of a situation(s) or event(s)or both but not limited to only can also be about your trip to the store and what happened in your venture..perhaps you stepped on a cats tail which caused the clerk at the store to go ape on you as she was an animal activist,or the cat bit your ankle which in turn caused you to fall on a board with a nail stuck in it and it peirced your ear,which was great,because you saved so much time and money,relieved by donated your proceeds to the animal activist fund in your area
ok, so perhaps that tangentation was a little far out,but really,tangentations exist everywhere and no-one has had the time to come up with a solid example of how to express what this could lead to.this word will spread like wildfire if you just start rambling on into other topics to only arrive at the original topic in which you started with!
#tangent #ventures #explanation #idiocracy #brainfart
by don paterson March 02, 2008
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