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The language rightfully used and developed by Zack, Jake, Ryan, David, Jerry, Ben, and select other individuals living in the 239 area.

Also, the language used wrongfully by various girls and dumbasses in the same area.

Nuggerish has different dialects, all making about the same amount of sense. Gayness varies within these dialects however.
"I co-founded nuggerish."

"Why don't you go learn nuggerish or something?.. stupid tangs."

"Nuggerish buns a taste pos me."
by Zack Mooney December 22, 2005
A language combining both 1337speak and varieties of ebonics. Mainly used for pleasure, nuggerish is slowly but surely becoming a hit around the world.
Yo n166a, i totally pwn3d m3 up some b1tch3s last night.

Haha nuggerish is so funny.
by Ryan Q. October 18, 2005
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