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a person who is white and thinks that they are iller than 50 cent. knaw wut i mean nyucka.
your little brother thinks hes in the fuckin wu tang clan. hes such a fuckin tang tang.
by the bilf October 27, 2003
1. A term used to describe the female genitalia.

2. The act of having sex.

3. A degrading term to call someone.
1. Man, I bet she has a nice tang tang.

2. Think you two will tang tang tonight?

3. Shut up, you tang tang.
by michifus December 22, 2004
a va-j-j, va-jay jay, twat, pussy, vagina, cunt, puti-tang, putang, and a girls private parts. You get the point.
Jane-"I wanted to get a brazillion, what does that consist of?"
M.P.-"we would be waxing the whole tang tang! I mean the WHOLE tang tang!"
by misspossible December 08, 2008
1) Vagina or deragatory name
2) Virginity
1) Josh wants her TangTang.
2) Dude, You're such a TangTang.
3) She still has her TangTang
by joshandjustin May 20, 2008
Tang Tang :A white college aged male (between the ages of 18-23) that proudly wears an orange hat that makes him look like an orangatang. It is a slang term that is commonly used to annoy the individual.
Hey tang tang. Wanna bananna?. or Damn dude you look like a tang tang!
by AbacDoc April 01, 2008
tang tang: A white college aged male, between the ages of 18 and 24, that proudly wears a texas longhorn orange hat. the term is derived from the fact that the orange hat makes him look like an orangatang. It is a common slang term, used to annoy the idividual that it is targeted at.
Hey Tang Tang!, whats new. or Dude common take the hat off you look like a tang tang
by AbacDoc April 02, 2008