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a word used to describe something freakin amazing and hot.
omg look at that freakin amazing and hot girl!! she is such a taneen!
by Jonathon Middleson March 03, 2005
someone who repetitively uses the word freakin, in an attempt to overtake the current world record holder, a 425-year-old Dutch man by the name of Willebrord Snell. furthermore, such a person regularly confuses seagulls with ducks.
"Taneen, the next time you say freakin, I'm going to deduct 10% of your grade"
-Mr. O.
by matkins March 15, 2005
A state of unbelievable intelligence.
omg! suddenly i feel so taneen, my brain must be expanding at an alarming rate!! WOOT
by The Queen of England March 16, 2005