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Although Japanese in origin, Tanaka may signify a lonely polish woman who backs out of doing fun things with close friends at the last minute for the sole purpose of feeling wanted. Seen most frequently in children who were raised with no siblings, this behavior is a survival mechanism which enables the individual to exist without any close friends.
Without exception, a male Tanaka has a small penis.
guy1: "I can't come skiing with all of you this weekend because I hurt my knee on the treadmill."

guy2: "typical... you are pulling a Tanaka."
by ouch33 January 23, 2011
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it's better than the best, a euphoric feeling....can't get any better than this! It's the way little green men make you feel!

T-T-TANAKA! It's like being at that point before you cum!
He was so sexy! I couls slop him up with a piece of bread. Tanaka!
by TaKiNbAcKsHoTs July 22, 2010
Japanese word for Big Dick Nigger.
When he pulled down his pants she said, "Dang! you're a Tanaka".
by JimmyNeutron22 October 09, 2014
The secret war name of the Indian tribe that fucked up George Armstrong Custer at the "Last Stand".

As in: "The Tanaka Indians put an end to that Custer bullshit."

Since then, the phrase has often been shortened to tanaka, which in English means: Take Names And Kick Ass.

Typically used to describe the act of cutting through the bullshit and getting down to brass tacks.
"Those guys were so lazy, I had to tanaka the shit out of them just to get the project done."
by Waterboat June 07, 2009
a choong ting

de pengest boy you'll ever see
girl 1:gyal do u see wat i see
girl 2:yeh dats 1 heck of a tanaka
by becky17 March 21, 2009
a way of saying penis ( in a gangsta way )
the guy has a huge tanaka
by ak harry March 05, 2005

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