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Tight Ass Lesbian Prudes
Dude those chicks are total talps
by Jake Coolson February 28, 2008
When one thrusts their finger into a male's urethra unexpectedly.
"Ow you bitch! Don't you ever Talp me again!
by Titties! December 10, 2010
"the dance a Irishman does before ejaculation"
the horny Irishman performed a beatuful Talp.
by Tyler September 12, 2003
much like when you say something is so good, you ejaculated, (splat), talps is the reverse. it is splat backwards

when something really sucky happens, it is talps
dude, my girlfriend of 8 years cheated on me with that fat smelly guy? talps...
some assholes stole my car! this is so talps
by pants johnson September 10, 2007
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