Score in a game
The results tally up to a significant win.
#score #game #results #significant #win
by Hercolena Oliver December 29, 2008
Someone who is super cool and not the least bit bitchy. Seriously though. Super awesome.

Generally likes Sketchbook wine.

Does not like chilli pepper chocolate.
I am such a tally.
#awesome #cool #bitch #kelly #cucumber
by Jenzo the Historian February 26, 2013
A nickname commonly derived from Natalia or the italian name Talia. This name generally belongs to a female. The nickname "Tally" can be shortened even further to "Tal". Tally's are usually outgoing and fun. They tend to be nurturing and caring. Those who which obtain this name are likely to be athletic and energetic. Tally's just wanna have fun.
Tally is such a nice person. Yesterday, she helped rescue a stranded puppy.
#nice #outgoing #fun #cute #charming #witty #sexy #energetic #athletic #beautiful #nurturing #caring #motherly #intelligent
by dd009 June 11, 2011
A word, phrase, action, or thought that a specific person uses or does commonly and subconsciencely; Something that a person does that is done without noticing; What you call when something is done based off of a habit or a bad habit.
Some words or phrases that are Tallies; like , ugh, basically, etc.

Some actions; daydreaming randomly, waving your arms while speaking.

Example; " My tally is that I wiggle my foot when I endure something, or when I am nervous"

" My freind's tally is that he says 'basically' at the beginning of most of his sentences. "
#habit #tick #disorder #muscle memory #mistake #conscience #taly
by J-Factor November 30, 2013
The total sum of money paid for goods and services.
See: tally-ho see also: tallywhacker
#payment #price #bill #check #tab
by bigbootyluvva March 06, 2009
To count the number of people you have gotten on since the beginning of a school year. This includes everything from making-out to sex.

It also involves counting the number of times you consequently see that person out like in the lunch room, class, or at a party. When seeing a previously tallied person out and about then talling subsequently involves licking the forefinger, and twisting that fingers wrist in a fashion so that the finger then points in the air towards the person or persons one has previously tallied.

A friend can also tally someone with this finger motion for you if they see your tallied person before you do.

It is also used to say you want to get with someone.
Kate: "Now my tally is up to three: Kevin, Aaron, and John"

Molly: "Hey, Kate, I see John in the lunch line. Tally!" Molly then makes the tally motion with her hand and kate then does it.

Molly: "I want to Tally Kevin K."
Molly means that she wants to make-out or do more with Kevin K.

Charlie: "So, are we gonna tally or what?"
Emily: "Yeah, let's tally!"
#tally #tallied #tallying #birthday tally #make-out #get with #list #tally buddy #fuck budy
by Risque Munsell 7 girls November 04, 2007
the act of hitting one in the nuts, using the back of the hand in a whiplash motion
i tallied that fucker so good
by Jay May 10, 2003
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