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A large single-serving can of beer, usually 16 or 20 ounces.
Hey Jarrid, you stoppin' at the store? Pick me up a tallie and some cigarettes.
by CapAp January 13, 2006
A person who is tall, often taller than you. Many times, tallie is used as a rebuttal to being called "shorty" or "shortie."
Shorty: "Hey tallie! How's it going?"

Tallie: "Oh it's goin' alright. Man.. the weather sure is nice up here!"
by Lalalady90 March 08, 2011
someone tht is tall but not as tall as you
WOAH angela is way tallie!!
by dsuibfiaovyev March 03, 2009
A very athletic butthead. Who is funny and beautiful. She is usually the tall one of the group and makes good descions.
"I wish i had a tallie as a friend"
by lol im a boss July 13, 2015
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