A Man With a Huge Penis.
'Omg my boyfriend has a HUGE tall'
by anonymous321123 June 19, 2008
Over 5'9. Over 5'3 for a girl. Anyone over these heights are taller than average.
That dude is really tall.
by Traveling Bob July 31, 2006
anyone over 6'4"
"I'm 6'5", I'm tall"
"you're 6'1" you're short"
by chrs... October 14, 2008
Stupid. tall means that you are a stupid person who makes fun of all the shorter people in life and have a big fat attidude towards them. you need to lay off the short people! theyre better than you!
tall : hey shortstuff.
short : ... fuzz off.
by TheBestShortPersonInTheWorld March 29, 2010
Slang used to describe a short girl that looks good
damn, shes tall (when really she's 5')
by billy December 03, 2004
What I used to be before all my friends decided to grow up
Wow can you believe she used to be tall?!
by Popular-wannabe December 21, 2015

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