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Over 5'9. Over 5'3 for a girl. Anyone over these heights are taller than average.
That dude is really tall.
by Traveling Bob July 31, 2006
A Man With a Huge Penis.
'Omg my boyfriend has a HUGE tall'
by anonymous321123 June 19, 2008
anyone over 6'4"
"I'm 6'5", I'm tall"
"you're 6'1" you're short"
by chrs... October 14, 2008
Stupid. tall means that you are a stupid person who makes fun of all the shorter people in life and have a big fat attidude towards them. you need to lay off the short people! theyre better than you!
tall : hey shortstuff.
short : ... fuzz off.
by TheBestShortPersonInTheWorld March 29, 2010
Slang used to describe a short girl that looks good
damn, shes tall (when really she's 5')
by billy December 03, 2004