1) A tall man.

2) A good man - characterized by his height or other physical stature and ability to be a leader and provider.

3) A proud man - "stands tall" - when need arises.
"That guy is totally talls...Hes a keeper!"

"When I got that surgery done and really needed help with the kids this guys was all talls."

by Peeper June 16, 2008
anyone or anything that surpasses the height of 155cm.
Bill Gates is tall.

Your height is 154cm, therefore you aren't tall.
by theoneeeee July 07, 2010
Synonym for getting or being high (as intended by the Black Crowes' unrealeased album "Tall").
I'm taller than everyone in this room right now.

That dude's tall as can be.
by RikJamesBitch April 07, 2004
The only way you'll get in to the NBA
Man that guy is tall he should be in the NBA
by Stupid niggers! July 14, 2009
Being over an average height
''blimey! He's tall!''
by sweet jesus April 30, 2006
If you're under 5'8", anyone 5'10" or over is tall.
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
term for being high popular in the early 1900's taking a b to the head
golly gee, i sure am tall
by denteesta November 06, 2005

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