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goatee beard

(literal derivation from the Dutch "pratende kut")
Daarbij lees ik in een niet nader te noemen blad dat de pratende kut zóóó passé is...


I read in a newspaper whose name I will not mention that the talking cunt is totally passé...
by Zanuda November 18, 2005
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The stupid, insipid, bubbly, overly made up blonde porn star rejects that fox news hires to host it's shows and express subtle disdain for liberal causes while gushing praise for conservative causes.
Fox news'Megyn Kelly constantly pours derision and scorn on the OWS protestors but never said a bad word about the teabagger protestors with their "Obama is hitler" signs and their signs implying death threats against democrats who voted for healthcare reform. What a talking cunt.
by Doktor strangelove. October 27, 2011
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