something you say when you don't want to talk to someone
bob - "you're a fag"
bill - (talk to the hand"
by Ed September 01, 2003
A slang used by women who dont want to fuck you.
Guy: can I fuck you?
Girl Talk to the hand.
by The Extermanater10000 August 31, 2003
An expression originally used by african american women to mean the coversation is over. Now used by all sorts of wannabe urban whites as well.
...for the last time i want my alimony payment now you way honey, talk to the hand cause the face ain't listenin'
by ike "the priest" September 05, 2003
When you lift your hand to stop a perfectly good conversation of mocking somone. "Talk to the Hand" is, has, and always will be stupid stupid stupid. It is done by annoying white girls and oreos. Stupid Stupid Stupid.
Me: Wow so I heard your an idiot
Stupid idiot: Talk to the hand
Me: Wow stupid!
by JOE BLOW June 17, 2004
I don't care. A sentence used by people with limited intelligence and/or social skills. Probably they had cold mothers.
person: 'My Mum just died.'

retard: 'Talk to the hand...'


person: 'I want to kill myself'

retard: 'Talk to the hand'
by nooknoodle December 07, 2005
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