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1. sex or sexual appeal of your preferred sex.
2. to awake from sleep by orgasm.
1. girl: Oh my god! I want his TALENT!

2. person 1: Last night I woke from having a wet dream.

person 2: Whoa! Talent!
by Bella "I'm desperate" Swan June 09, 2011
synonymous with weight, power, ability
You have lots of talent! (sarcastically)
by austin the satyr February 17, 2005
Identity at work.
Dude #1: Did you see LeBron last night?!
Dude #2: Yeah, that boy has talent. Basketball has always been his life. It's what he breathes.
by BoneApart216 May 05, 2010
used to define or refer to an actor/actress during a scene or take for filming
Director: Hey, where did Joe Schmoe go?
Assistant: Who's that?
Director: He's the new talent who's doing the "catch the monkey" scene.
by wiCkEd eEv January 23, 2003
(n) Actor or performer
Director says "It's a mistake to ask the talent what they want to do. I just tell them what I want them to do."
by angelsix March 14, 2007
Wow, SOAD sure is talented.
by Luka April 21, 2004
the hotness of females in the area/the number of hot chicks at a certain place
(At a party)
Joe: Fred's party totally rocked, the DJ was off the hook!!
Dave: Yeah, but there was hardly any talent there....

Bob: This place sucks, but there's talent everywhere!!!
by bumpamasha April 14, 2009