(noun)Potential lovers with the assumption they possess remarkable and special

abilities suited for sex.
"I went to Mikes art opening and I could not believe the amount of talent that was there ."
by DEADMEAT September 29, 2014
A word meaning someone is extremely well off in an area of expertise. Benny Heart. Or that someone is extremely good at one thing.
Benny Heart actually has Talent, unlike Lil Wayne.
by EmSTAXX March 23, 2011
Euphemism for 'breasts'. Taken from the anime Sailormoon.
But I'm the one with the most talent!
by David January 14, 2004
the opposite of Brittany Spears

done problem solved
Brittany Spears: look at me im so Talented, YAH.

Me: F*ck of you stupid skank
by Brittany sucks May 26, 2009
elite counterstrike player
Now he has talent, no wait! That is the one and only, talent.
by Anonymous June 24, 2003
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