To throughly own or school someone. A way to measure whether someone has been taken to the house is whether it would be appropriate to inquire of the person in question: "How's your hole?" If asking such a question would indeed be befitting of the situation, then that person has indeed been taken to the house.
A heart-warming children's story to demonstrate the meaning of "take to the house":
Billy's dad told him that he was taking him to Disneyland for the day and told him to close his eyes. After a half hour of driving, his dad instructed him to open his eyes again. Billy realized he was not at Disneyland, but instead back at his house again. His dad then yelled, "Slizzam!!! Got you, sucker! No Disneyland for you, you little bitch!" and started laughing hysterically. Billy then began to cry as his dad taunted him, "Wah wah!!! You little crybaby! I'll give you something to cry about!" Looks like little Billy got taken to the house on that one.

Fred Weis got taken to the house in the 2000 Olympics when Vince Carter simultaneously dunked over him and teabagged him, shoving his nuts directly into Fred's face.
by Nicholas D November 23, 2007

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