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A trip organized by guys that involves sinful acts and general stupidity.
ay yo Cold X 2004 coming soon
by Adm September 11, 2004
What Mason McAlexander says while recieving a blow job.
Mason-Oh yeah take it to the house
Stephanie-Shut the fuck up! I'm only here because you're paying me!
by ADM September 20, 2003
Defined in Albert Einstein's paperwork as the fundamental change in time and space.

ADM was foretold in Latin to be a 'rule-changer' and 'path-maker'.

Ancient Indian tribal warriors believe ADM was the goddess of fortune and power.
"ADM was said to be a religious sense to man, yet man always believed in their own ways." - Ancient Indian History
by ADM January 09, 2005
What stpid people do when they do something stupid when people are around
Man, Mason tried to play it off yesterday after Stephanie said he had a small penis and smelled of cheese.
by ADM September 20, 2003
A person with no real friends, but just follows around people, or 'drifting' from group to group. Eventually they find one group that they like pissing off best, and it takes the only person with balls in the group to piss him off.
Wynn is following us again. He's such a drifter
by ADM March 22, 2004

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