leave quickly
you've been here to long,take a powder
by anonymous April 13, 2004
Chill out...relax...calm down. As in "Go powder your nose or something (for a guy, too) and CALM THE FUCK DOWN"
"Dude, WTF?! Are you on the rag or something? We were TOTALLY kidding. Go take a powder and your beer'll be here when you get back"
by popokus September 06, 2011
Stop bothering me and/or relax yourself, specifically by taking a break in the powder room. There you can put some talcum on your face to cool off. See go take a swim and fly a kite. Old fashioned.
Richie: "I only meant it playfully."
Richie: "Go take a powder!"
by milwaukeetalkie August 05, 2007
to die
Mary: did you hear? johnny decided to take a powder yesterday.
Jake: When's his funeral?
by vgggabhld;hwvjdpibedjfbpvkewBF February 07, 2010
To take a crap.
Uhhh sorry, where is your bathroom? I need to take a powder...

by Rohou July 23, 2008

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