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Tairas are sweet and smart girls. They're very pretty and have killer smiles. They are usually athletic and have great legs and butts. They're even honor roll students and have a pleasing future. They care a lot about the people they love and are very trustworthy. Your parents wouldn't be ashamed of you for dating one. She'd make a great wife. Sometimes they're too quiet, but if you get to know a Taira she can be really funny. Don't be fooled by her good girl appearance, as she has a crazy wild side to her.
Person#1: Who's that?
Person#2: The one with the smile? That's Taira. She's cool.
by rosiee96 February 04, 2014
a clean emo asian boy that live in his shower.
Friend 1: where the fucks taira...

friend 2: oh hes in the shower

friend 1: omg
by OHRLY?! January 20, 2008
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