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To thoroughly tongue the area between a person's genitalia and their anus.
Suzie asked me to cleanse myself before she gave me a taint paint, but I figured that was what the damn taint paint was supposed to be about.
by Migrainiac January 06, 2006
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When one moderately sweaty male, who has accumulated enough sweat among the "gooch" area, rubs his single index finger across it, only to finger paint the sweat upon a friends upper lip.
Dude...Ronnie totally taint painted me after running laps earlier today.
by richardunn September 26, 2010
the build-up of "nasty" things in a man or woman's taint,( place in between the genitals and anus), such as left over tampon strings, anal leakage, sweat, dirt, cheese, blood, commonly used as a word for vag jam.
Na man, she was gross! Her taint paint tasted like sour milk and coagulated blood.
by OG JAKEMAN January 17, 2010
Wiping your finger, sex toy, or tongue on the taint removing any fecal matter acquired during ass play.
I was fingering this girl in the ass and I had shit all over my finger so I taint painted and got it all clean.
by parkay321 May 17, 2011
Mark left on the underwear after scratching the taint. It may have a peculiar smell but not the smell of shit, therefore, it may appear to be a skid-mark but it is not.
You're always scratching yourself down there. You're gonna leave your underwear full of taint paint!
by AFRO12 June 04, 2007
A Large Chapstick like concoction that eases taint related ailments like chapped ass, sore gooch, rash from swamp crotch, etc. Made of bees wax, and other essential oils, and available for sale through the Taint Paint website.
"Damn man, after that 3 hour session at the strip club having chicks grind on my junk, I had to hit up some taint paint to ease the burn."
by Taint Tamer October 19, 2007
The discharge of female semen during sex or masturbation.
I had to throw on a poncho when the taint paint came pouring out.
by Ryan March 14, 2005

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