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To thoroughly tongue the area between a person's genitalia and their anus.
Suzie asked me to cleanse myself before she gave me a taint paint, but I figured that was what the damn taint paint was supposed to be about.
by Migrainiac January 06, 2006
A foul-mouthed, small town girl with a large heart. Usually seen stumbling around with a cocktail in hand
That hengel totally tried to grab my junk!
by Migrainiac August 27, 2004
The typical sexual experimentation that occurs between heterosexual women upon their entrance into college.
Veronica's boyfriend is well aware of her lesbiantics, and he always carries a spare battery for his video camera.
by Migrainiac July 06, 2006
adj: the nature of being "mantastic"
Larry was always dressed for success and totally hudec with the ladies.
by Migrainiac January 06, 2005
An offered postponement of sexual intercourse, due to untimely menstruation.
Mary Jane's offer of a red rain check gave Peter blue balls.
by Migrainiac September 27, 2009
A white gummy substance, more commonly known as cream cheese.
Wilma and Betty love to rub cow fudge over their buns.
by Migrainiac September 06, 2006
The country which borders the United States to the south. See Mexico.
Both margaritas and whores always taste better in Mexistan.
by Migrainiac July 14, 2006

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