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A Chinese space traveler, derived from the Chinese term "taikong ren," which translates roughly as "spaceman."
American space travelers are astronauts; Russian space travelers are cosmonauts; Chinese space travelers are taikonauts. Three taikonauts are supposed to be launched into orbit in the fall of 2003.
by Led Zeppole October 03, 2003

tai·ko tkō
Japanese drum: a Japanese drum in the shape of a barrel

Late 19th century. From Japanese .
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"taiko" yijing you ta yuanben de yisi, suoyi ba "Zhongguo taikongren" jiaozuo "taikonaut" bu tai hao. Genju "ming2-cong2-zhu3ren2" de yuanze haishi jiaozuo "taikongren" ba.
by Anonymous November 06, 2003
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