one who installs the price tags on clothing.
My job title is tagger at the Dollar General Store.
by bossredneck March 15, 2005
a person who does graffiti and is generally dodgy. usually steals lots and hurts script medication.
that tagger did a tag
by McGee May 11, 2004
The fag who switches the brand name tags on your brand name shirt, and replaces it with K-mart or WalMart brand attire.
Fundo found out his gay friend was a tagger when he caught him attaching the new Coconut Country tag onto his Banana Republic shirt.
by authOOr July 10, 2006
A person who tags other people (game of tag/ hideandseek/ laser tag)
"I'm the best laser tagger there is!"
by Dude.yes October 11, 2014
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