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1)something extremely sexy.
2)a dangerous fall during a mountain biking accident.
3)the perfect guy every girl is looking for ;sporty, funny, gorgeous, remembers to call, sexy, not afraid of commitement, has the softest lips, great kisser, super cute, easy to talk to, supportive, completely irresistable, and thoughtful.
4)the prince in a fairytale.
That outfit is soo tage.

Oh no, that guy just did a tage!

He's no tage, but he'll do.

I've found my tage.
by baby belly May 26, 2006
1. One who falls and gets concussions frequently

2. One who loves his girlfriend

3. One who rides a fixed gear bike.

4. A physics major

5. A septidon
I keep getting concussions, Im such a Tage.

Tage loves his girlfriend very much.

by janksy October 07, 2008
word to describe a womans boobs
created by the mooer
used in liverpool and merseyside
aye mate, check them tages at 3'oclock

what a pair of tages

what a tage-head
by emily cullen May 18, 2008
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