Tact. –noun
"The ability to be able to tell someone to F%$# Off in such a way that they look forward to the trip."

Disclaimer: This is a quote from Southo of PF.
Wayne: If those headers are fake, I will sue your ass.

PF:Fuck off, or we'll finger your wife.

Wayne: *thinks "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!"*

That my friends, is tact.
by A cunt from PF November 03, 2011
Tel-Aviv CT(=city).One of the biggest cities in israel.The most known one after Jerusalem, and the best place to go clubbing :P.
u canfind me inthe club.. in TACT
by baby gurl March 20, 2005
Describing someone the way they see themselves.
A tactful person would say something like, "That anorexic chick is fat...and ugly"
by mn_guy34 March 10, 2008
Something for people who are too stupid to use sarcasm.
If you don't believe in your abilities as a wise-ass, use tact.
by WadaTah November 21, 2003
Lacking taste or unfashionable. Possessing a general lack of common sense. Describing someone or something that is tacky or ugly. A situation that is not favorable.
The guy that drove that Ford Focus was very tact. Guys that wear sunglasses in the club are tact. Why are your teeth yellow...that is tact! Why are you so tact?
by Sister Kim September 23, 2006

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