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The mean shit you take from being nervous before an event.
Bolt speedman gets nervous before he races and has to take a fear dump.
#shit #dump #nervous #bolt speedman #fear
by ChaDMcBaDD August 27, 2009
A drinking game. Heres the rules:

somebody will challenge you to this game. not accepting the challenge makes you look soft, so its almost never turned down. the challenger will supply you with a keystone light.

1) You must drink a keystone light in under 1 minute, if you go over a minute, you lose.

2) the can cannot touch your lips or face, if it does, you lose.

3) there must be a constant steady flow of keystone pouring out of the can. if the flow stops, you lose.

4) Some spillage is allowed.

5) If you lose, you must give the person who challenged you your hat(if wearing one) AND left shoe. the challenger decides when to give back the hat and shoe, usually its later in the party.

6) If you win, the challenger must give you another keystone light and announce that you "won that keystone!" you are then allowed to announce to your friends that you "won that keystone!"
I played Drink That Keystone and got drenched in beer.
#keystone light #keystone #drinking games #party #college
by ChaDMcBaDD September 06, 2009
Nickname for the beer 'Natural Light', which is one of the most inexpenisve beers around.
Dude 1: Hey man, What are you drinking?

Dude 2: Financial light all the way! it might taste like shit, but it sure is cheap!
#natural light #beer #natty #natty light #cheap
by ChaDMcBaDD March 28, 2009
The action of hitting your cleats together to knock the mud off of them.
After the muddy football game i was clacking my cleats in the locker room and mud went everywhere.
#cleats #mud #messy #clapping #everywhere
by ChaDMcBaDD October 12, 2009
short for contacts.
Wheres my tacts at? I cant see nothin.
#contacts #contact lens #tax #glasses #slang
by ChaDMcBaDD February 18, 2011
to sleep

this verb is named after terry schiavo who was a well known vegetable.
I terried for 14 hours last nite.

I've been terrying all day long.

BRB guys, i'm going to go have a 45 minute terry session.
#terry schiavo #sleep #coma #nap #tired
by ChaDMcBaDD October 12, 2009
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