A Table cloth is a piece of material which is used to cover and protect the table.
Mike: Hey Jimmy I got a new table.

Jimmy: Cool, you should totally get a table cloth for it.
by Leco January 30, 2009
Top Definition
(n) used to cover a nice table so food doesn't get on it while you eat; found often in family homes, but rarely in dorms or frat houses
Fratboy Matt: Hey, get the tablecloth and set the table, I got a pizza!
Fratboy Sam: We don't have a table cloth, we'll just use alot of napkins.
by Matt Pryor March 20, 2005
Slang for the goverment. It's not normally used in a positive tense. Used in the System of a Down song "BYOB"
They feed us lies from the tablecloth!
by ApathyOhMe May 22, 2005
A performance move, used to show off in an extremem game of Jenga. It involves the bottom layer only having one block in the middle left, which is usually early on in the game. It is advised that there is a full layer of three blocks above the lower piece.

The player must grab said base block, and yank it out the stack as fast as physically possible, in order to keep the stack stable and avoid tippage. Unless you are a certified Extreme Jenga Player™, this move is not recommended.

Uusally the result of this move is amazement from other players along with shouts of 'OH MY GOD', especially when done out of the blue. This also leaves an unstable pile, making your game of Extreme Jenga™ that little bit more extreme.
*pulls piece*
All: "Oh my god! He did a tablecloth!"
*smug look*
by Phil Beveridge September 12, 2006
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