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Filthy rag used for wiping th etable during wild parties or drinking games. Similar to mung rag.
Yo, I spilled my beer again. Pass me that table zamboni.
by sstymie December 15, 2004
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The silver metal "sweeper" shaped in the form of a razor fish shell. In a fancy restaurant, the waiter will use this to pick up crumbs between courses.
Waiter pulls out the table zamboni.
Customer: "What the hell is that thing?"
Waiter: "It's a table zamboni."
#table #zamboni #retaurant #fish #razor #cleaner #sweep
by Hannahcupcake November 22, 2009
When you have to suck the beer(or any drink) off the table because you spilled your own, or someone else's.
you knocked my beer over; zamboni that shit!
by Tyler V. March 16, 2005
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