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The stiff and unwashed towel in the corner or under the bed that one keeps hidden from guests. It is used to wipe up the ejaculate after rubbing one out in the privacy of your bedroom. It is often left out for months on end.
After I logged off of thehun, I cleaned up with my mung rag, dropped it behind the bed and decided to get ready for work.
by BunEsabos September 03, 2006
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A Bar-Keeep's rag for sopping up spills.
I can't believe Dan took a shot of mung-rag drippings, and hasen't puked yet!
by Cnut Stolen December 14, 2004
1. A Mung Rag is used to wipe off excess mung from your face.

2. A Mung Rag is used to wipe up party foul.

Also see mung and party foul
1. James: There was mung everywhere, throw me that mung rag so I can wipe off my face.

2. Mark: Damnit! Terry dropped his beer! give me that mung rag so I can clean this jazz up.
by item535 August 17, 2005

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