Insane, crazy, unstable
Keep that tabby b!tch away from me.
by Jake B May 23, 2005
Top Definition
A very loving and trustworthy girl. She is always up for a laugh but serious in the right situations. Shes always looking gorgours and is the best person to be around. She can cheer you up when your down and is a best friend type of girl. Shes extremely smart yet talented. Shes pretty and has a sparkly personality.
Shes such a Tabby type of person :P
#pretty #smart #loving #kind #talented
by lalalalalalalalalallaroro:) December 07, 2011
a soon to be lover
she is so my tabby!!:]
#tabby #girl #friend #lover #great
by the person you no nothing aout September 20, 2009
Someone who will eat anything and anyone.
If things go missing it'll be Tabby's fault.
"Where's Hettie?"
"Tabby ate her."
#pig #greedy #hungry #eaten #missing
by somebodywholovesyoureally February 13, 2012
A very lovely cat breed,especially the silver ones.The brown ones are a bit ugly.
Tabby cats are so sweet....
#tabby #cat #animal #pet #fur
by SomeoneNew August 03, 2011
"That's a big bitch yo"! A fat beastly women. A man eater. A women that is so fat that you have to say exactly what she is out loud. A woman who eats more in one week than the whole country of Somalia does in a year.
Friend: "Check out that bitch eating cake she's huge"!
You: "That's a big bitch yo"
Friend: "I agree T.A.B.B.Y".
#big bitch #bitches #fat bitch #ugly bitch #beheemoth
by Dirty MacNasty April 15, 2010
A large turd.
Scuse' Me,I gotta drop a tabby.

After a nice nap,Jerry woke up and dropped a long,hot tabby.
#poop #doody #turd #snake #loaf
by Paulscary June 16, 2009
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