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Also written as "tgirl". Simply another term for transexuals. Also known as chicks with dicks.
This chick asked me to rub suntan lotion on her back at the nude beach. I was digging it until she turned over and I realized I was rubbind down a t-girl.
by J. Eklow January 31, 2005
A male by birth who is either dressing as or living as a female.
That cutie over there is really a t-girl.
by walt February 19, 2003
One who wishes to be considered by society as a member of the opposite sex.
She's a shemale who likes to be called a tgirl.
by Mariez November 18, 2005
1) A transgender person who was born biologically male but identifies as being a female. Usually a t-girl has undergone breast implant surgery or takes hormones to grow the breasts, but will retain the penis. IE: A chick with a dick.

2) One who wishes to be considered by society as a member of the opposite sex. Their personal identification and psychological configuration is that of the opposite sex. They prefer to act and dress like a woman.
A t-girl is also known as a chick with a dick.
by The Goddess S May 19, 2011
typically a southern slang term meaning a close friend ,who has been there for them all through life. throughout the hard times and the good times they seem to always keep their friendship going.
Hey T-girl !
by bestnameever August 18, 2014
The abbreviation for 'Transexual Girl'
That t girl is looking horrid
by some fucker August 31, 2006
T-girls love their dicks or long for the surgery. After the surgery, consider yourself "female" or a eunuch for the kingdom of god-liness. (Matthew 19:12) You earn the title "man/woman."
by Raquel Baranow December 28, 2007