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When a car hits another in the side forming a letter "T"
"I ran a red light and I tboned this other car!"
by Monica February 28, 2004
Adj; A car accident in which someone hits you directly on the driver or passenger side of your car, such as in a T-intersection.
My friend got T-boned the other day." Or, "Mike got T-boned yesterday when the another car drove through the stop sign.
by HULI June 27, 2011
When you hit someone so hard in football they don't know who they are anymore
Goddamn! Did you see that guy get tboned by Trevor!?! He ain't never getting up
by ThisisFishers!!!! August 07, 2010
When you spread a girls legs completely apart and ram your penis into her with the force of a car colliding with another automobile at an intersection.
Last night I was fucking my girl Anna, and I T-Boned the shit out of her. She's not going to be able to walk for days.
by Osirix October 05, 2010
When a man cheats on a beautiful woman. Not just any man and not just any woman. It has to be public, it has to messy and they have to be attractive. Joe Shmoe can't T-Bone his wife Jane Doe but a famous dude can.

Why is this referred to a T-Bone? Because dogs, when they have a juicy bone and stare into the reflection they see a bigger bone...they will drop the juicy real bone for the illusion of the better bone. Now we take that up a notch and use T-Bone because it's a higher grade of meat. Enough said.
Tiger Woods totally "T-Boned" Elin Woods and man did she take one for the team.
by Rbeck December 02, 2009
when a girl has experienced the beastlyness of tommy train.
"Man, that girl looks like she's had a lot of statistics quoted to her."

"Yeah...she just got T-boned."
by Section J September 22, 2006
The process of one's willy, whilst erect, being slapped across another's face. Usually resulting in a nice big red slap-mark.

A new term originating from Buckinghamshire
"oh dear, i have just been T-boned by my best friend's dad!"
by rainmaker666 June 10, 2006
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