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One who gives oral sex to a vagina. Generally female.
Syn: lesbian, dyke, etc
That chick so butch, I betchu she a damn muffdiver
by wulf February 15, 2003
Hit broadside.
I got T-Boned by a broad running a stop sign!
by Wulf November 01, 2003
Deep in shit way over your head.
by Wulf November 01, 2003
An extremely large and bulbous object. Generally referring to a black woman's back side.
That ho's gadonkadonk butt is all up in my face.
by Wulf July 10, 2003
A hot babe that enguages in sexual relations with tech savvy geeks to get them to buy, install and maintain computer and electronics gear for them.
Sharon owed her wireless network, TIVO, surround sound system, and multi-media PC to her long history as a geekfreaker.
by Wulf May 20, 2005
A tattoo on the small of a woman's back. So named because the best location for viewing the body art is while banging the woman doggy style.
She had been teasing him all night about a suprise she had for him. When she dropped her pants and bent over the table, he went to mount her and got his first good look at her new doggy art.
by Wulf May 16, 2005
Flower Shop
After a madd junk kicking from his girl cause he spent too much time talking about his Glock, Okie knew the only thing that would get him square would be a dope boquet from the Floweroligest.
by Wulf April 22, 2005

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