System of a Down are a great band.People who say they shout and are crap are just too stupid to get it.
SOAD fan: Have you listened to system of a Down?
Random crowd follower:Is it rap?
Random crowd follower: I hate them.
SOAD:but you just said...
Random crowd follower:Watever homie, I'm off to listen to ma bangin choons.
by xXDemiXx November 27, 2005
SOAD must be the best band in the whole damn planet...if u dont think so, u can kiss my ass
System of a Down Rules!!!
by sam June 06, 2004
fucking awesome band. what the hell man? POP!?!?!?!?!? u guys r sooo retarded.
Linkin Park, Adema, and System of a Down are fuckin awesome!
by Luka October 25, 2003
a band that is the closest thing to people playing hockey in a department store in the sky, and the songs playing are the songs by them, and people who disect a band's style of playing, think they're guinesses, and then call the band crap, are a far ways away.
geez that hockey game was so good you'd think it was a system of a down

Yes, system of a down is great
by Homunculous G February 11, 2004
A sweet metal Armenian band. I'm Armenian, we are camel jockeys and we are proud of it also.
SOAD is sweet, Chic N Stu.
by Hirad Maunewkian June 28, 2005
metal band (yes, they are metal) known for singing about politics, though they sing about a lot of other stuff too. some of their songs do not have a definate meaning and are open for interpretation. some of them might be about nothing. system takes a lot of heat for singing about the war and the problems in america, when a lot of other bands do the same (and only to follow suit on the trend that hating America has become). SOAD is a band with convictions, talent and honest beliefs that they share with their fans in their songs, and they are generally well-liked. usually the only people who are offended by system of a down are rednecks and overzealous conservatives.
I love system of a down and own all of their albums.
by loki August 25, 2004
An unfortunate band who's had their most mediocre songs become hits, yet have their best work go unnoticed and make everyone think that they suck because of the mediocre songs. Many of their good songs, such as boom point out true flaws in the system, unlike such pathetic bands as Simple Plan and Good Charlotte.
System of a Down has had some unfortunate hits, such as lonely day and hypnotize, yet some of their best works like sugar and war? have gone unnoticed thanks to the media.
by theamazingbender November 15, 2006
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