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first off, there are way too many people saying how System of a Down "is crappy pop music" "lyric's make no sense" "overrated" Pop? are you kidding me? You cannot place the likes of Britney Spears and The Click Five with System of a Down. The lyrics are one of the reasons so many people love them. They are so abstract and SOAD lets you decifer what you think the song meaning should be. Someone quoted 'Cigaro' saying how the lyrics (My cock is much bigger than yours/My cock can walk right through the door) are stupid, but you don't even get the meaning. FYI, the song is about how everyone wants to have their stuff bigger and better than everyone elses'. Its mocking the American way: We have bigger weapons, bigger trucks, bigger food, etc. System of a Down is DEFINATLY not overrated. The music is incredible. Simple guitar riffs? Daron, the guitar player, is an incredibly talented person, as is everyone else in the band. All you metal-chomping shitheads who have this harder-core-than-thou attitude need to take a reality check. Just because they are famous, well-known, and are ont he radio doesn't lower the quality of the music. So what if they are popular? They DESERVE the fame-they're simply the best.
System of a Down, the first album is the best by far. Its their self-titled; BUY IT!!

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