an opiate cough medicine which is usually acredited to the south however fuck what you hizeard cuz J street started that shit called sippin on some sizzurp. Philadelphia's infamous pharma. drug block 17th and Jefferson street started this phenomenon in the early eighties and although this block is no longer functioning due to high police and task force presence the Yellow or Snot and the Purple can be found throughout the city. The Yellow is twice as expensive as the purple but very potent and the buyer should beware of purple cut with robitussin. Yellow has little specs in it which could be either other drugsz or little codeine chunks, I'm unsure as I ahve never gotten it directly from the doctor. Most people take their syrup with some pancakes or percs and sometimes a xany or two. This can be dangerous if you mix too many however a few shouldnt hurt you unless you have a really weak in which case you should slowly consume your drugs till you feel how they will effect you. This is a very classy drug in the hip hop community as you may get fucked up without getting totally belligerent or itchy like you did a bag of dope.
Mix syrup with hypnotiq and hennessey to create the ultimate incredible hulk.
by EEZY CEEZY September 04, 2007
Top Definition
Promethazine with Codeine Cough Syrup, manufactured by Alpharma Inc. Each 5 mL tablespoon contains 6.25 mg promethazine hydrochloride and 10 mg codeine phosphate. Codeine is an opiate, a natural substance found in the opium poppy. However, it is rare and thus most medicinal codeine is created via the methylation of codeine (the addition of CH2). In Houston, Texas, it s a very popular beverage; the syrup is traditionally mixed in with soda and jolly ranchers.
I bleed the blocks, not with the rocks, I bleed with the candy paint
Sippin' promethazine codeine with a jolly rancher with a dandy drink
by dsfasfasdds December 16, 2003
Look to all yall idiots out there, here is syrup. The purple cough medicine u get by perscription from ur doctor it has codeine in it. Just mix a duece, which is 2 oz. in a 12 oz. sprite, shake it and lean. Add a jolly rancher if u want. No alcohol that shit will kill u.
Lean, Drank
by Indiana Leaner April 27, 2004
stuff that goes on pancakes
there's syrup on my pancakes...
by alex @%@ April 30, 2006
Promethazine with codeine, usually purple but depends who is is manufactured by. Barr national makes there's purple hitek makes theirs red. So its liquid codeine and Tuss the yellow or orange stuff is liquid Hydrocodone same as viocoden. Has nothing to do with alcohol these are all opiods. Tell your Doctor you got a cough that keeps you up at night and you have tried robotussin DM and it didnt work. 90% percent of the time you will get some syrup. sip it or charge your friends $15 an ounce no less
syrup is an opiod, opiods are = heroin, codeine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxycodone,morpheine and whatever else i missed
by FroLean October 09, 2005
Plain and simple. "Syrup" is prometh with codeine or prometh vc with codeine. If your talkin about anything else then you aint talkin' bout shit. Mix with whatever you like.
Other common names: Drank, Lean
by DC May 04, 2004
Syrup as commonly used in urban slang referrs to a drink containing codiene, without codiene, it is not syrup.
by smcastillo October 05, 2003
1. Christs College boys school in New Zealand

2. Boys who go to said school, often referred to as homosexual. They are very homophobic, partly because of this stereotype. They are also all pricks who have small penises.

Note - the reason for this is because one day many years ago a bunch of christs boys decided to lick syrup off each others balls. Nowadays people just assume they do that anyway.
1. Person one - Oh my god dude look that guy goes to syrups.

Person two - oh sweet lets bash him!!

2. this party is so lame - the only guys here are syrups
by the calling November 07, 2009

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