PRETTY MUCH, perscription cough syrup and soda. add a jolly rancher, you'll feel more hood so i've heard.

If you've seen pictures of Lil Wayne theres a good chance you've seen him with 2 styrofoam cups in his hand (one on top of the other). The beverage in his cups are usually Syrup. (Listen to his old stuff, he'll reference it a couple times)

*Wouldn't recomend this drink though boys and girls, it'll kill you like it did Pimp C. R.I.P.
"Somebody ordered pancakes, I just sip the sizzurp" -Kanye West 'Through the Wire'

'Mix that syrup in that 7-Up and we boutsta get crunk!'
by rg. August 14, 2008
Rhyming slang for a Wig.
Syrup & figs 'Wig'
I saw Albert today, he's got a syrup on!
by Rickyrox December 11, 2007
1. The stuff that you put on pancakes (if maple) or on ice cream (if chocolate)
2. The substance menstrated by female ponies, due to their candy vag
1. Rainbow Dash's syrup was eaten by Pinkie Pie.
2. Rainbow Dash's syrup was eaten by Pinkie Pie.
by Ponky Poo June 22, 2011
A derogatory nickname given to students who attend Christ's College in Christchurch. Allegedly, this is because the senior students in the school's hostel made the younger boys lick syrup off their dicks as some sort of initiation. This name calling, along with Christ College's repeated domination of secondary-school rugby in Christchurch, has lead to friction between students at Christ's College and students at Christchurch Boy's High School. Added to that, most girl's high girls prefer boy's high boys, which has lead to resentment and aforementioned girl's high girls pitting the boys against eachother, for example "That last boy's high dance was even worse than a syrups one! Shame!".
Boy from Christ's College: F*ck off you soggy weetbix!
Boy from Christchurch Boy's High: At least I'm not a f*cking syrup!
by KiwiChickee December 11, 2007
an opiate cough medicine which is usually acredited to the south however fuck what you hizeard cuz J street started that shit called sippin on some sizzurp. Philadelphia's infamous pharma. drug block 17th and Jefferson street started this phenomenon in the early eighties and although this block is no longer functioning due to high police and task force presence the Yellow or Snot and the Purple can be found throughout the city. The Yellow is twice as expensive as the purple but very potent and the buyer should beware of purple cut with robitussin. Yellow has little specs in it which could be either other drugsz or little codeine chunks, I'm unsure as I ahve never gotten it directly from the doctor. Most people take their syrup with some pancakes or percs and sometimes a xany or two. This can be dangerous if you mix too many however a few shouldnt hurt you unless you have a really weak in which case you should slowly consume your drugs till you feel how they will effect you. This is a very classy drug in the hip hop community as you may get fucked up without getting totally belligerent or itchy like you did a bag of dope.
Mix syrup with hypnotiq and hennessey to create the ultimate incredible hulk.
by EEZY CEEZY September 04, 2007
commonly used to describe a concoction of codeine-prometh with soda(usually Big Red or Sunkist), or juice(preferably Welch's Grape) also known in Texas as barre, pronounced bar
Smoke some sticky green, or po' up a eighth, in a orange Sunkist or a Welch's grape......Big Red lookin' bloody like a blood transfusion, and too much drank can cause an illusion-H.A.W.K. of the Screwed Up Click
by Big Lean from D-Town November 15, 2003
A drink also known as lean or Drank. With Cough Syrup, Welch's Grape Juice and add a jolly rancher.
I got them rainbow colors in my cup
jolly ranchers man that shit be
good as fuck.-Three-6-Mafia, Rainbow Colors
by Represent 713 CRCB October 29, 2004

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