When someone is acting very stupid in a retarded like manor.
a group of friends are out for dinner and one of the friends spills their drink all over the table: "bro you have the synch"
by johnny pastoreeeee December 21, 2010
Top Definition
The way stupid people spell sync.
Dude, my iPod needs to synch faster!

That track is totally out of synch with the lights.
by veritas007 December 04, 2014
some one who has been owned, also someone being drilled off their tit. Other meanings include, when some one is lighting a smoke and with the lighter synch their mo.
playing call of duty 4: you just got owned in Search and Destroy, John says: 'hahah you got synched'

Jezza: ' dude i just synched my mo, fuck'
by Bartas + Paps(orkestrated) TFU November 16, 2008
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