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what italian call black people
"Sly comes out he breaks his big fucken nigga's face and busts it fucken wide open fucken mooley laying out on the floor, fucked up."- Eddie murphy
by hoyitsjoe April 12, 2004
Italian for a black person. Short for mulignan.
Vinny: Hey paisan, you see that big fucking mooley standing over there?
Joey: Yeah.
Vinny: Check it out. He's about 6'5", I'm 5'2". I ain't no big guy, aight. But I'm Italian, so watch dis.
Walks over
"Yeah so I'll take a box of juji-fruits, a box of bon bons...eaah trow in anudda box of juji fruits ....and the nigga over hea's gonna pay for it "

Mooley: "excuse me little man?"

Vinny: "You heard what I said mooley, PAY FOR MY FUCKEN CANDY!"

Mooley: "Oh i see, you must've just seen ROCKY"
by lexicon December 18, 2004
Refering to the sopranos the word come from Mulignan (literal translation): eggplant. Another word for African-Americans.
Tony Soprano: He's a Mooleys!
The other guy: What?
Tony Soprano: A Mulignan!
The other guy: He's black?!?
by Newark May 01, 2006
A large gym rat who picks on people much smaller than themselves. They use their bulging muscles to intimidate and get what they want. Often, their egos are as big as their muscles.
Mooley: "Get me a drink at the store, and no I don't have any money!"

Skinny guy: "You fucking mooley! If I wasn't half your size I would whoop your ass...but instead I'm leaving right now to go get your drink."
by Mooley Fever February 19, 2010
moo-lee When one is feeling crappy or hung over
I'm feeling a tad mooley today, I really got hammered last night.
by mark gonos February 12, 2008
Someone who doesn't ask to drink out of your water bottle and just helps themselves. Mooches a ride and leaves trash in your car and never pays for gas.
Your just a mooley!
by Anonymous June 04, 2003
Hung over or sick, not feeling well.
"I feel kind of mooley"
by Moochie September 26, 2003
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