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Long ago when WoW was created one of the programmers put the sword of 1000 truths into the game inventory. It was so powerful that it had to be removed, and held on a 1GB flash drive, next to the envolope of petty cash. It is now located in suldsmin (in accounting)'s top right desk drawer.

It's effects are as follows,

- 120 damage per second
- Instant mana burn
- +80 Stamina
Stan slashed "he who has no life" with the sword of 1000 truths.
by He who has no life October 08, 2006
When a man takes 1000 viagra pills and shoves his 15 foot dick into a girl vagina 1000 times
dude i sword of 1000 truths my girlfriend yesterday , i think i killed her.
by 1337zor April 13, 2008
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