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A playful sexual game in which two men attack each other with erect penises.
Sword fighting is an activity I have never engaged in (nor plan to). I prefer the ladies.
by Bungalow Bill June 13, 2002
The occurrence of two naked men slapping each other cocks together as a form of sexual pleasure.
Janet: Why didn't Mike and Dave come to thew party?
Marlon: They were too busy sword fighting when i called them and said that they had rather cum later.
by Static1432 October 23, 2009
When you like get a erection and your friend gets a erection, you hold them at the base and you slap the heads together.
"Hey Shawn you wanna play sword fighting?"
by Hankee Shankee November 10, 2009
A game in which two guys expose their penis and start to sword fight with each other. sort of like what you do with light savers but in this case your using your penis.
Matt- "Hey wanna go sword fighting?"

John- "yea bro in the bathroom would be way gnarly"
by anonymous521 September 21, 2012
Verb: The act of crossing urine streams with another man (or an unusually accurate woman), while both people are using the same toilet.
"C'mon man, you're using the only pisser around. Let me in!" "Okay, but no sword fighting. You always miss."
by Inigo_Montoya October 01, 2009
1:Using ones own penis, be it erect of flaccid, to engage in combat with another man/traps penis. Much like sword fighting, there are many different personalized maneuvers depending on what size your weapon and skill level. Usually done between good friends, and preferably with heterosexuals, however the act of attacking another man's penis with your penis may make you appear gay yourself.

Tl;Dr: slapping dicks with dudes being a faggot
male 1: (whips dick out) EN GARDE!!!!
male 2: (also whips out dick) commence the slapfest!!!!
*slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap*
there is no victor because sword fighting in this manner makes you gay.
by uhnanimuss May 07, 2012
pissing in the direction of another guy, mutually
You would not believe what I saw last night when I came home. Billy and Bobby were swordfighting all over the place.
by genna buzz April 04, 2005
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