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The sound of money being sucked out of the pocket of an Oregon Duck fan each time Nike introduces a new football uniform.
All of my co-workers got swooshed yesterday at The Duck Store, so I guess I'm eating lunch alone until payday.
by JohnnieWBlue October 04, 2011
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A symbol that looks like a brush-stroke.
The Nike swoosh.
by Xaviana December 01, 2003
hair in the front of your face; long bangs.
sometimes i cant see becasue my swoosh covers my eyes.
by jim October 20, 2004
A proper (posh) person may act swoosh.
They are very swoosh.
by anairda64 June 19, 2009
When you push out a shit that barely touches your rim hole. This type of shit usually takes less than 5 seconds to get out, remains in one piece and isn't too wet or too dry.
"Tommy saved a fuckload of toilet paper with that there SWOOSH! He only gave a courtesy wipe afterwards."
by Jado987 February 17, 2010
To leave work either exactly when the buzzer sounds or a few minutes wind blowing throught he office without stopping.
Man#1 "Where's Marty?"
Man#2 "Well he's...."
Man#1 "Did you feel something?"
Man#2 "Yeah, that was Marty hauling ass outta here."
by Hardly Workin' December 12, 2003
When used, the word means that you find another petson attractive or appealing. It is the sound that womans' panties make when they are coming off. This act is usually prompted by seeing an attractive person.
Amy: Did you see Marks new profile pic? He has no shirt on and sweat is glistening off his arm muscles.

Amber: Swoosh!


Amber: Amelia is so damn sexy. The way she bites her lip drives me crazy.

Brandi: I know right? Swoosh.
by nuthinbutbootson December 27, 2014

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